My Ticket Space has the concept of what's called a shortcode. A shortcode lets you insert various ticket elements, with little effort. We have a handy shortcode builder, which allows you to customize exactly what you need. 

Before getting started, decide if you are using seating charts or not. Depending on if you are using seating charts or not for your event will cause you to use different shortcodes. 

It's also best to play around with these shortcodes, refresh your event page, and see what effect it has. This way you can be happy with exactly what you want!

1) If you are NOT using seating charts

Go to your event, and then click the "My Ticket Space" button. This button is the shortcode builder. 

This will launch a modal window, with many settings you can choose. 

Depending on what you are trying to achieve will depend on what you select in the top drop down. But below are currently your options:

  • Ticket / Add to cart button
  • Event Tickets
  • Event Date and Time
  • Event Location
  • Event Terms and Conditions
  • Event Logo
  • Event Sponsors Logo
  • Number of Tickets sold for an event
  • Number of Tickets left for an event
  • Number of sold tickets
  • Number of available tickets
  • Display order history for a user
  • Seating Chart
  • Display event calendar

For this part 1) the most commonly used are Ticket / Add to cart button and Event Tickets. The difference between the two, is that the Ticket / Add to cart button can display any ticket type, across any events. So you could have a page where it contained tickets from different events. Whereas Event Tickets will display ALL ticket types for only that event. 

2) If you ARE using seating charts

If you are using seating charts, do NOT use the shortcodes for Ticket / Add to cart button or Event Tickets. If you do this, it will allow someone to purchase a ticket for the event, without selecting a seat. The whole purpose is to make each person pick their seat, and only 1 person per seat.

So in this case, we will use the shortcode builder for "Seating Chart"

In both cases, when you are satisfied with it, click the "Insert Shortcode" button at the bottom, and you will see the shortcode be placed on your event page. 

At this point, on the front end it should show the "Pick your seat(s)" button. lets take a look.

But as stated earlier with seating charts, we do NOT want to have the ticket types show up, because we need each person to select a seat. So why did this happen when we only used the seating chart shortcode?

The answer, is because on the event, we had accidentally checked "Show tickets automatically", which will insert all event tickets for that event automatically on that event's page. We want to un-select that.

If you encounter any issues or questions, just please contact us and we can steer you in the right direction!