Using the check-in apps is quite simple! 

The check-in desktop apps offer some more advanced features such as an audible chime when a ticket is successfully scanned, or an audible failure when a scan is not successful.

Optional Other Method

Other than the check-in apps, which is the recommended way to check people in, you can also scan tickets directly from your admin dashboard, under My Ticket Space > Barcode Reader. 

Recommended Method

First, figure out what event you will be checking attendees in for. You will need a special key, called an API Key for that event. You find your event API keys in your admin dashboard, under My Ticket Space > Settings > API Access

When you launch any of the check-in apps, you will need only 2 pieces of information. You will need your ticket space URL, and the API key for your event. 

Your ticket space URL is simply the address to your space, such as or if you are using the custom domain option, it will be your custom domain of your ticket space, such as

After entering the URL and API key, the app will load, and you are pretty much ready to start scanning tickets!