Once the customer reaches the point of the checkout where they have selected the payment method and proceeded to the actual payment, an order will be automatically created. This is to ensure that their seat is held, while they are entering their payment details and finalizing the checkout. 

However, if the payment for the order fails, or the customer closes out of the Stripe payment window, or the order is cancelled, a customer won't receive their order confirmation email nor they will be able to see or download any tickets. These orders in the back end are marked as "Pending".

The only order status that will result in sending ticket download links is the "Order Paid" status. However, if you manually edit this order in the back end, and save the order as "Order Paid", it will trigger the email to be sent to the owner. 

The default time limit for orders that do not get completed, which are in the "Pending" status is 1 hour. After 1 hour, the order will automatically be cancelled, and the ticket inventory / seat (if using seating charts) will be returned back to the available inventory.

Note: You can override this setting, to be longer than 1 hour before it cancels the pending order. You can also override the setting which will return the tickets back into the available stock. We recommend not doing that, but the choice is yours, and every customer has their own needs for doing so.